The Lay of Mortelis

I thought I’d get into the minstrel mien of the wardancer a bit more and have decided to document our heroes adventures in verse.
I’m not particularly happy with the title for the overall work.
having “mortelis” in the name implies its just about him, it isn’t.
Other working title is the Ballad of Empire.. but as its not really about “the empire” I don’t like that either.

I don’t claim to be Homer or Ovide.. I’m certainly no Shakespeare :D
But I am trying to write in the epic narrative poem style inspired by Beowulf and it’s like.

This isn’t the final draft, yet…. It is the full text of the document so far.
Please let me know if I have missed any important events out. Either in the sketchy notes or in the actual prose sections.
I’ll probably put the finished sections in italics or something to indicate they are done. Plus they’ll have verse headings.

Be warned, spoilers abound for those of you still wishing to partake of the new campaigns mysteries.


A Gathering Storm

The Storms Passing

The Enemy Within – Book One

The Enemy Within – Book Two

The Lay of Mortelis

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