The Enemy Within - Book Two

The Lay of Mortelis

Return to Averheim
A city readies for war
Barefausts mission
Mauers Task
Von Friedrich’s concerns

We leave for a long journey
North from Averheim
The worries of a halfling and pinata’s

A distress upon a damsel
A lord in name only
A raper gets his due

Wolves on the road
Ghouls in the way

The slaughtered Halfling
An attack by the rats

The weather changes and our heroes forge on into the night

The next town on
A messenger passes, unassisted

Chaos warriors charge through
Giant Spiders ambush the coach
Holes are punched, creatures are killed
Beastmen, lost and not pursued

Refugee’s and wealth redistributed

Behemoth’s on the outskirts of Middenheim
Drawing them off
The best laid plans of Elves and Halflings
Myrmidia’s hand is strong

Middenheim approaches
The first impressions
travel across the city
barlin enquires

Lambeth gets a retainer
Finding steading at the Scholars
Barlin is mugged, by rats!

Oppenheim is encountered
He informs them of the ritual
An appointment is made with Ulric
We must also find Wyvern venom

Adele is not home
That Ashenbeck has a nice house,
bit secure though.
Wanna buy a Rat Pie?
We make contact with a local “miscreant”.
Wyvern venom, for a price…

The Temple of Sigmar,
Adele is still not here.
Klaus is unwell, it was the pie!

A day of messages and meetings
Adele at the Halfway house
hellstrom at home
Brenner at the Drakken

No Brenner at the Drakken
Intrigue abounds
The guard of Middenheim are surprisingly prompt
Ashenbeck is in league with Chaos, pamphlet at 11

Doubts over a mans existence
Stalking a pox faced forger
Brenner proves to be a phantom
Eye Witness protection!

The morning after the night before
Sacrilege, our breakfast is poisoned

Lambeth and Felix go through the 9 stages of Halfling grief
Queasy Halfling
Angry Halfling
Denial Halfling
Scared Halfling
Intimidating Halfling
Guilty Halfling
Horny Halfling
Bewitched Halfling
Co-operative Halfling

Tailing the succubus to her lair
They plot beneath a restaurant
Quite a few of them aren’t there.

Burned, broken and slashed.
The seducer falls first
The cult of whatever it is, following whoever they are is defeated

The Lay of Mortelis

The Enemy Within - Book Two

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