The Enemy Within - Book One

The Lay of Mortelis

On the river to Averheim
A boat is chartered and carries our intrepid band upon the rivers once more.
An unfortunate Kislevite
Another vessel, beset by misfortune is encountered. An important passenger transfers to the heroes vessel. It too is soon beset by misfortune.
The Kislevte is cursed, although he will not believe it.
Trouble leaves and takes new friends with it
The Kislevite is convinced to leave the boat and travel on to Averheim over land. Soon after he leaves, the fair Litharanduel leaves also. Are the events connected, we do not know.
Averheim at last
Arrival in Averheim and thrown into a gang war.
Gone missing
People have been disappearing. A dock worker and a fisherman number the first.
Investigating Averheim
Questions are asked. More disappearances are uncovered. A beggar man is also now missing. Local tanners are paid to avoid their place of work due to dangerous conditions.
All the disappearances take place on night of heavy rain.
Rumblings of the underworld
A new power is stretching its arms into the criminals of the city. Cape, cowl or cloak they all agree the garment is black, as are the man’s methods.
So many people, so many things to do
Tasks aplenty and the bustle of personalities that a city of thousands brings.
Dead bodies and inconsistently absent authorities
Bodies are found. Murdered most likely but the wounds exhibit a strange consistency, as of warm cheese, Magic is suspected.
A local wizard is brought in by the authorities to undertake the investigation.
A barge burns, is it the Cowl?
Arson on the waterfront. The Cowl’s men put a barge to the torch. Its inhabitants are rescued but possibly financially ruined.
A singer vanishes
Ute, a local personality and busker is among those who are reported missing.
Red arrow in need of an assist
The grateful merchant puts in a word at the Red Arrow. Thus our heroes find themselves employed to solve the couriers woes. A Coach is overdue they must walk the route and find its fate.
Mutants stole our gunpowder
The cart is found, its attackers defeated. Mutants, five in number, distinct in appearance.
Claims of the red crown (sp?)
Goods are recovered and Averheim is returned to, via a shallyan hospice/leper retreat..

Tanneries in the rain
From taproom warm and comfort filled
To dank and rainy gloom
Suspicions grown in early fields
Did blossom on this night

In hawkish rain and biting wind
’long dockside cobble paved
T’wards site of noisome industry
what dangers would await

foretold of vapours malignant
environs bad for toil
Suprised to find, our heroes four,
the first was dry inside

No dank, no drip, no mist, no ooze
No clammy threat to health
What reason then for paying off
Those sotted tannermen

Rats and Vats

Not satisfied with one scene checked,
the second building called.
Yet in the storm that raged unchained,
a sight to stop the breath.

For in the lightnings angry glare
a figure was revealed.
Its claws and tail, and whiskered nose
this was not any man.

Moving with grace and swift purpose
intent upon its task,
and like a shadow shown the flame
it darted out of sight

The heroes split, the better to
Draw noose about their foes
The elves sought prey by roof and wall
Remainder to the front

_Sylvan eyes beheld a scene that _
brought to rise their bile
In vats behind the tanners hall
the missing folk they found

A’ front the hall, boot placed to door,
They struck the portal down
The scene within a shock to some,
to dwarf a call to fire!

In tanners hall, midst tools of man
A most inhuman sight
four figures stood ratlike in mien
one large, two small, one slight

The slightest shone with verdant glow
The smallest cowed in fear
The largest stood eight feet and broad
with gemstone in its chest

Brave Robert stepped into the fray
and challenged those arrayed
The slight one uttered phrase arcance
and vanished in green light

A mist of hue most sickly jade
did rise up from the floor
the smallest fled out to the yard
but largest one did roar!

Despite its size and fearsome mien
It faltered in its charge
Barlin brought his gun to bear
A thunderous retort

But mighty Rat was not curtailed
its rage stoked by the pain
It cried aloud in language coarse
and murder in its eyes

its pounding feet and rending claws
to Robert did it turn.
But armour held and shield withstood
that terrible assault.

Out in the rain the fleeing foes
ran straight to elven ire
A spear thrust and an arrow flew
Two corpses hit the ground

No witness would see these foes dead.
Their bodies ‘pon the stone.
Dissolved away like morning dew
their secret safe for now

While back within the mercen’ry
Bold Tacitus did swing
A cut, a thrust, a bloodied blade
and final foe dissolved

Luminaries at midnight
With hearts a drum and breath anew
they did espie the scene
much carnage, death and misery
to explain to the guard

Lambeth and Barlin knew the town
across it they did rush
To rouse from sleep the only man
who local they did trust

And whilst they undertook that deed
to awaken wizard bright
the hawkish eyes of elves and men
across the site did pass

naught that was found was hidden,
on show for most to see.
But Daith did find a vicious blade
malignant, sharp and green

The bodies were perused and checked
All dead, that much was sure.
but strange to see in chest of each
a gaping wound within

For each barrel placed cadaver
had half its heart removed
The blade he found Daith then surmised,
the instrument of doom.

Through midnight drizzle down the street

they rushed away
A trek across the midnight streets of Averheim.
The wizards reaction to the scene
Put a fence around events
Bringing Mathilde into the circle of trust
Her reaction to the scene
A gravin as bait for bandits
The beauty and beneficence of the Gravin, putting herself in harms way for the good of all
The opulence of the carriage
The relative quiet calm of the journey.
the Reaction of the various hero’s to the gravin.
The tree across the road.

Ruckus, Rest and Reveal
The gravin most insistently,
our heroes did demand.
“Take food with me, I have reward
upon you to bestow”

So coach and pair continued on
and safely did arrive
So briefly in the nobles care
their worldly cares forgot.

Food and wine of finest fettle
laid on in gratitude
and tickets to a mummers fest
the icing on the cake

But soon to leave, return to town
and bandits still to track.
Coach turned around and Barlin drove
back to site of attack

The site was as they had left it
the corpses still afloor
Bodies checked and bounty stowed
a revelation made

beneath a bandits tattered shirt
the colours of the guard.
A Black and yellow damning clue
to matters most macarbe

don’t jump to rash conclusions
calmer voices cried
Yet also was found a pistol.
Concerning, perhaps not?

except the sign of averheim
emblazoned ‘pon it’s hilt
more fingers point t’wards city guard
implicit in this plot.

Fore trail grew cold, the elves and dwarf
did move on in pursuit.
Lambeth sly and Robert brave,
remain to guard the coach.

The bandit camp, deserted was
and not far in the wild
More evidence of guardsmen guilt,
and trail continued north

It turn towards the old dwarf road
and disappeared in dust
Their quarry, unlike bandits true
returned to Averheim!

A swift return to guarded coach
a journey home renewed
but paranoia had set in
as city gate approached

To trust the wardens at the door
was their main concern
but all for naught as sentinels
did not the coach obstruct

Through midnight shrouded thoroughfare
our heroes did travel.
Their unexpected cargo of
portents that could be dire.

Meetings near Midnight
the coach returned

mention of corpse

arrival of Kurd weiss

they know of corruption

our heroes return to the white horse

beatrice reveals her information, of note the Tannermen’s dissapearance (Mathilda Durbein revenge?)

A fine game of bones

Business discussed over Lunch

With mornings fair refreshing breath
a day arrived anew
O’er breakfast suppedA summons from Leitdorf


A lunch where agreements are made

A job for the morrow, southlands and mystery

The Tragedy of the Love Lost Lovers

The opulence of the venue

all the nobles gathered

Gasps at a long missing nobles return (von Bleck)

Summarise the performance

Barlin’s strange behaviour
An image swam fore barlin’s eyes
A phantom clad in grey
“Someone help, She’s in distress!”
“Sit down, Mad dwarf” they cried

Unperturbed he left his seat
and down the aisle sped
While players trod the boards out front
Barlin crept backstage

What he saw we may never know
suffice to say that when
Mortelis found him deep in dirt
a corpse he had reveal’d

about its neck, a chain of gold
called out to dwarven needs
and caution lent from elven hand
lent strength faltered will

“I shall not fall to sirens curse,
dweomer, charm or spell”
yet fore much time had ere passed by
the chain had been removed

the priests of morr could not much tell
the history of she
‘cept that the bones, beneath the ground
had lain here decades long

Averheim, like a winsome maid
her mysteries to hide.
Had offered up just one more test
to solve, our heroes five.

A Gathering of Wonders

The heroes seek out the advice of Luminary Mauer
He clears the necklace as magical but generally harmless
The group travels to the Averburg
they survey the maze, the menagerie and the grounds
The Witchhunter “Adelle” turns up with accusations
The show is opened. Hawk’s, artifacts and beasts.
Mauer demands the effigy be cast down.
barlin fails to break it.
A griffon escapes into the maze, noble folk imperilled.

The Griffon is recovered, relatively unharmed
Spear is broken
Noble folk are impressed
Back at the tent Lambeth encounters the real thief
Skaven escapes
Baerfaust is not impressed
Our heroes are invited to lunch the next day

Spear is taken for repair
halfling plans begin to form
a new offer is made
A rat catching companion is brought forth
Into the sluices
A fragment of fur a glimmer of tooth

Fighting the skaven horde
A flood of vermin almost overwhelms our heroes
The new halfling proves his worth
Duel in the tunnel, the gutter runner goes down
The relics are recovered, although not intact
A clapper is found as are ashen hearts
Something dark has been undertaken

Return to the surface with prizes
Employer not at home
Luminary Mauer is called upon
Surprise, everyone is at his house
Lambeth has gotten himself into some kind of trouble
Witch-hunters take the wind out of Halfling sails
Taking one for the team, Mortelis stands for Lambeth
Pledged to the Gravin, everyone can move on

A quiet night, the first in some time
Questions about ghosts
The old theatre manager
Grumpy violent dwarf fists!

Taking the seal
Something is amiss with Amelie?

The wine soaked fading star
The actress turned priestess
The ghost is named Maria

What does the Gravin remember of the events
The murder took place on her property
Perhaps Von Bleck is involved
or at least his friend is.

the remaining cast are interviewed
the drunk spills the beans
messages are left for the suspects
daith camps out and follows the next morning
confrontation in the theatre
both men show remorse
one takes his life in payment
the other is convinced not to run out of town again

Sister of amelia has a problem
lambeth steals the seal
puts it back but gets a fright
a gift of a coach
the witchunter is still in town, perhaps it is best to leave

coach repairs delay departure
farewells across town
a fine meal
a bounty discovered

travel on the snowy roads
traders coming the other way
reveal a familiar group of bandits
Lambeth stays behind to guard the coach
the bandits are put down, but some errors are made in the process.

A return to the coach
Lambeth huddled up amongst the wine
Heidek is uneventful
Our quarry is a drunkard
Grendstadt is an impressive fortress city
Lambeth makes some merchant friends
Our quarry is a drunkard

Bronn is almost unknown
3 days trek to find a bigger town that we expected
Ferryman rings a warning
Childrens nursery rhyme about Reikland Pete??

a town flourishing but also a bit “odd”
Misshapen animals
Less people than we saw from the hill
Preparation for festival
Ruined shrines of Sigmar and Myrmidia
New worship of Rhya
The mayor’s brother is boorish
The Mayor is welcoming

At the festival
Leaping the flames
Catching the pig
The pig “mutates”

The feast is underway
People sneak off to investigate
Daith finds mutants
Barlin finds no evidence

Chosen of Rhya
We are invited to the mayors place
Arguments over course of action
“talking” with the family of the chosen of Rhya
A plan begins to form
Care to be taken to prevent the arousal of suspicion

The assault on the mutants
Cunningly hidden amongst the catatonic cultists
A confrontation with Chaos

It escapes upon the back of a flyer

Return to Grendstadt
Lambeth is cheated

The Lay of Mortelis

The Enemy Within - Book One

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