The Four Horned Beast

The Beast With Four Horns


The Beast with Four Horns is surrounded by legend. He is said to stand nearly 15 feet tall and has the strength to rip ancient trees from their roots and hurl them at his enemies. His eyes burn with an angry fire and few who see him live to tell the tale. Around the Beast’s neck hang the bones Elves who suffered a violent death at his hands.


The Beast is attributed with merging the Beastman herds from the Empire to march beneath his banner. An attack on the town of Stromdorf last autumn was carried out by Beastmen carrying the banner of the Four Horns. Daith Sharpeye, Mortelis Bloodbough, Lambeth and the hero of Stromdorf, Robert Schalmer led the defense of the town. Although Stromdorf was overrun, many of its inhabitants were saved due to the actions of these brave heroes. Tales are told and songs are sung in remembrance of this day, including The Storms Passing.

The Beast’s horde led the ambush on the Empire’s armies at the Battle of Griffons fall, in which Emperor Karl-Franz was gravely injured. He was saved by Captain Marcus Baerfaust and his wounds were tended to by Luminary Konrad Mauer while a coach belonging to Graf Friedrich von Kaufman spirited the Emperor away from danger.

The Beastman horde was hunted down and finally routed in a bloody battle in the Forest Of Shadows.

The Four Horned Beast

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