The Halfway House

Also called “the Cockerel,” this tavern is joyously, enthusiastically squalid, dirty, close, and loud. Its dingy sign depicts the Fighting Cockerel crest of the Mootland, with the words “Halfway House” written underneath apparently as an afterthought. Grease-stained parchment windows spill yellow light out into the street at all hours, and visitors will have to walk down several steps to enter the House’s front door.

Once inside, humans will find a too-low ceiling, too-crowded common room, and far-too-loud rambunctious crowd of halflings. (Dwarfs will find the ceiling fine, but everything else deplorable. For elves, this must be hell.)

The landlord is a rotund, spry halfling with curly dirty blonde hair named Otho Greenfields. He likes puns and thinks that the name of his establishment is incredibly clever.

Halfway House serves a bang-up dinner for only three brass pennies (five for humans because “they’re bigger, so they eat more,”
The price is fixed, but the menu changes every night. To anyone with a palate acclimated to Averheim’s food, theHalfway House is likely to be the best meal they’ve eaten in weeks.

The Halfway House

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