The Forest Of Shadows


With its back pressed hard against the Middle Mountains to the south and west, the Grand Principality of Ostland is a province dominated by the dark and forbidding Forest of Shadows. Hulking and ancient, the trees of this vast woodland realm shroud the land in a perpetual green dusk, broken only by the occasional clearing or settlement hacked from the dense undergrowth. The Forest of Shadows is a realm of damp, creeping mists and shifting shadows that conceal the remnants of centuries of civilization and conflict behind an impenetrable veil of foliage.

Time and again over the centuries, the stubborn Ostlanders have faced invasion from the forces of Chaos. The Forest of Shadows conceals the remnants of a thousand battles, and the province has been ransacked by invaders dozens of times. On each occasion the people of Ostland have fought to defend their land with enviable resilience.

Even when such attacks are repulsed, there is a lingering danger. Each invasion brings with it the taint of Chaos and some remnants are inevitably left behind, lost in the vast overgrowth. The wooded darkness harbors innumerable minions of the Ruinous Powers, and even the most experienced scout moves through the forest deeps with caution, lest he stumble upon a lost tribe of Beastmen or a Daemonic servant of the Dark Gods.

The Forest Of Shadows

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