Skellan's Enemy Within

The Beginning

A group of four young adventurers set off from Nuln towards the town of Stromdorf

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Arrival in Middenheim
City on the Rock

We arrived in Middenheim a few days travel after the encounter with the Giant.
Wounds are slowly being healed and we enter the city without much incident.
After finding our way to an Inn “The Scholar’s Rest” and bedding down for the evening the streets are proving not to be safe.
Barlin is accosted by Skaven, perhaps hot on our trail and eager to retrieve the bell clapper.
They are put down in short order, but not without a few wounds caused by throwing star and blade.
Once more the locals see nothing as the rats disintegrate upon death.

Main tasks in Middenheim


The party has three core tasks in Middenheim:

Liaise with Robertus von Oppenheim to complete a ritual on the chaos bell clapper to purify the dark artifact. Both Luminary Konrad Mauer and Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum asked for this task to be completed.

Investigate Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck, a powerful Middenheim merchant. Graf Friedrich von Kaufman suspects that he had something to do with his missing gunpowder and may also be involved in other nefarious activities. Kaufman has no proof of this though.

Captain Marcus Baerfaust is concerned about the activities of a shadowy figure known as the Black Cowl. The Black Cowl swiftly took control of Averheim’s underworld and was linked to recent Skaven activity and theft of a ‘Dark Artifact’ that returned from an Expedition to the Southlands. The Witch Hunter Adele Ketzenblum was investigating the Black Cowl during her stay in Averheim but left the city suddenly heading to Middenheim. Baefaust asked that the party speak to Ketzenblum in Middenheim to discover what she knows about the Black Cowl.

Middenheim, the story so far...

Robertus von Oppenheim asked for help to perform the ritual to destroy the bell clapper.
Priest Frost was convinced to allow the ritual to take place and a date was arranged to perform the ritual.
Oppenheim also said that the party needed to acquire some Wyvern poison as an ingredient for the ritual.
Additionally, the each member performing the ritual needs to gain a blessing from their chosen deity to purify them before the ritual takes place.


The party arranged to meet with Adele Ketzenblum by leaving a message at The Prospect Inn, where she was staying. Adele, rearranged the meeting to the Halfway House tavern. During the meeting Adele asked many questions and was interested in the party’s activities in Middenheim.

During the meeting, Adele discussed her suspicions about the identity of the Black Cowl.
She thinks it could be Captain Marcus Baerfaust as he planned the military aspect of the Southlands Expedition that brought the dark Artifact back to the Empire. Baerfaust had lots of ‘his men’ on the misson.

Also she suspects Luminary Konrad Mauer as he gave advice about sites that the expedition should investigate. Adele also said the Luminary Konrad Mauer’s whole family was condemned to the pyre as witches.

Another suspect is Graf Friedrich von Kaufman who she described as ‘a weasel’ who financed the Southlands expedition.

She remained silent about Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum she also appeared uninterested in Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck

The party visited retired witch hunter Gregor Helstrum who was Adele’s mentor. He was suprised to hear she was in Middenheim. Helstrom said that both he and Adele Ketzenblum were captured and tortured by a cult called the Red Crown 6 years ago. They were rescued by a group including Captain Marcus Baerfaust

Helstrum had no strong thoughts about Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck

On the morning of the 17th, the party received a letter from Brenner, a man who was also investigating Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck. brenner asked to meet that evening at the Draken Inn.
On visiting the Draken, the group discovered Brenner’s room had been turned over and Chaos symbols had been scrawled on the walls. The Watch arrived promptly and discovered a journal implicating Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck in many crimes related to the worship of the hidden enemy.

Suspicious, the party tracked down a forger called Ilse who was paid to create the false journal framing Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck

On the morning of the 18th, the party awoke to discover that someone had poisoned their breakfast. Lambeth was sick on the floor.

An eventful breakfast

Upset that his breakfast was ruined, Lambeth stomped into the kitchen followed by Mortelis Bloodbough and Robert Schalmer

Inside the kitchen they found Felix- Halfling Chef, who when challenged, started to run. But with little consideration to the carefully planned chase scene that was to follow, Lambeth convinced Felix- Halfling Chef that he already knew about the skeletons in his closet and would expose him. Realising the game was up, Felix gave in and spilled the beans. After an explanation that was perhaps a little too graphic, Felix told the party that he had been approached by the radiant Nicole Faust who used her charms on him. Lambeth suspected that the woman had used magic to bewitch him.

Felix said that Faust persuaded him to poison the party’s breakfast and then sneak in and steal the bell clapper. Unfortunately, although the poison was potent, the chef loved his food and faltered when spiking the breakfast and did not apply the full dose.
The party set a trap, asking Felix- Halfling Chef to tell Nicole Faust the plan had been a success and to deliver the item to her.

The party waited for Faust to collect the box containing the clapper and followed her to Koch’s restaurant.

Daith Sharpeye finally lived up to his name and found a secret door in the wine cellar of Kochs. Lambeth, who was now chinking pleasantly as he moved, picked the lock and opened the secret entrance revealing a terrible underground cult lair.

Daith Sharpeye made a spectacular shot, throwing a bottle of spirits into a sconce in the center of the temple, covering Nicole Faust and nearby cultists in sticky fire.

Lambeth used his sling and sent a stone into Nicole Faust’s face, shattering her button nose.

Mortelis Bloodbough whirled through the room, dancing towards Nicole Faust, thrusting his spear into her mouth, severing her jaw and sending her to a hideous smiling death.

Meanwhile the cultists opened a cage to release the Chaos Spawn which immediately used its new-found freedom to attack its captors.

The cult leader tried to entrap Mortelis Bloodbough with magic, but the elf just managed to resist.

Robert Schalmer charged into the center of the temple, protected by Myrmidia as he engaged multiple foes. The cultists used underhand tactics against him, at one point stabbing him in the testicles, but Robert Schalmer stood strong.


Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson’s legs finally brought him to the battle and he took to one flank, engaging a cult mutant in a savage hand to hand dual to the death. Meawhile, Daith Sharpeye stepped past Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson and trained his bow on the slavering chaos beast which was now unfettered.

A mutant got fed up with trying to hit Lambeth who had run off to hide behind a pillar.

Mortelis Bloodbough took revenge on the Cult Leader and attacked him with Tempest’s fury, cutting him down in one blow.

With a large fight raging in the center of the temple, Robert Schalmer held true and was joined by Mortelis Bloodbough who’s agile dance brought him across the battlefield.

The chaos beast managed to reach Mortelis Bloodbough despite several mortal arrow strikes from Daith Sharpeye. The beast’s sharp fangs missed their target and Slaanesh unleashed terrible fury upon the beast and it exploded, sending ooze and sinew across the lair.

A smart slingshot from Lambeth downed the mutant who was attacking Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson and Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson went across to Daith Sharpeye to give him a piece of his mind.

With the beast dead, the remaining mutants were soon dispatched.

It was a clean fight for the heroes, who took only minor damage to their bodies and souls.

Barlin's thoughts - 'The case of the poisoned food'

’The halfling cook done it, well it turned out suspecting a halfling is your best bet when dealing with food.

Some woman got him to do it, seems a pretty face can get a lot of things done.

Well we found the people responsible, they are dead. Daith Sharpeye again refused to help me deal with someone trying to kill me. Wait until I get my gun, i show him. I missed the crossbow and Blunderbuss, had to use me hammer.

Who were these people? How much money have they got, this area seems to be corrupt by the forces of chaos.

Humans really need to pay more attention to the evil in their midst.

Must not drink or eat anything from this place.’

Lambeth’s thoughts, an insight

Lambeth, gore spraying past the pillar where his back is pressed, hidden from that room where one final madman (recently intent upon his life no less!) now gurgles hate into the hate-soaked stones, turns his thoughts to happier times, and applies the Power of Not Thinking Too Much About Things.

This is a technique he learned from his mother (ah happy times!) as she casually booted him from the kitchen with one downy-haired foot, or clouted him lovingly about the ears with oven-mitted gloves shouting, “Stop askin’ such bleedin’ stupid questions!” From this grew the great Technique, which he now employs with practiced precision, clamping hands about the head just so, and entering the ineffable state of Not Thinking Too Much.

So it is that Lambeth emerges from behind his pillar appearing quite unscathed, in mind and body, and, stepping buoyantly over the twitching thing on the floor, believes in his heart almost completely that affixing himself to these wonderful, heroic, murderously talented people was the best idea he’s ever had, and that, well, given the state of the Empire as a whole…

…this is really the safest place be, by all accounts.

The Middenheim Town Crier


Todbringer Slays Beastman Host

Graf Boris Todbringer has been given command of the Grand Army’s rearguard. He’s detached from the main host and is stamping out beastmen in the Drakwald.

Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck Arrested!

Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck was arrested last night charged with conspiricy, murder, corruption, kidnap, embezzlement and treason. He will be tried for his crimes at the Temple of Verena by The Holy Order of the Templars of Sigmar.

Public Defecation Will Not Be Tolerated

From this day hence, anyone caught defecating or urinating in within view of nobility will be fined up to 10 shillings or confined in the stocks.

The Plots Thicken


After killing the last mutants in the Jade Sceptre Cult lair beneath Koch’s, the party set about searching the underground temple.

Robert Schalmer discovered various journals and parchments relating to cult activity but these only referred to members by cryptic names such as ‘Shifting blade’ and ‘All seeing eye’. Robert shared what he knew of the Jade Sceptre Cult.

The party found various other cult treasures and drugs in the lair but little to identify the men. Daith Sharpeye found 3 vials containing a black, sticky liquid.

The heroes were about to go to the Temple of Verena to report the discovery of the chaos cell when Lambeth suggested talking to the kitchen staff upstairs who had seemed to be turning a blind eye to events. Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson looked distracted like he had had a ‘eureka’ moment and rushed off to the Dwarven Engineers Guild.

After questioning the chef, the rest of the party was introduced to Boris Koch the proprietor of Koch’s . Boris was nervous and tried in vain to lie about his knowledge of the Cultists in his cellar. Lambeth’s honeyed words reassured Boris and he eventually came clean. He said the he was been blackmailed by Helmut Faust and the cult to allow the cult to use the cellar. The cult used an old crime committed by Boris as leverage.

The party agreed to conceal their findings in return for Boris’ cooperation. Boris told of the names of the members that he knew ( Helmut Faust, Nicole Faust ). He also said that he saw a bald woman with a prosthetic hand coming and going.
The heroes were shocked that this was a similar description to the Witch Hunter Adele Ketzenblum. Did Boris see Ketzenblum? If so, what was she doing there? Was she working undercover to expose the cell? Mortelis Bloodbough wondered if the horror of her capture by the The Red Crown could have somehow turned her to the Ruinous Powers?

Boris agreed to dispose of the bodies and the party left.

The heroes visited the imprisoned Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck who was being kept in a large, clean cell in the dungeons beneath the Temple of Verena. Wolfgang protested his innocence and blamed Markheim for treachery. He was also worried about his daughter Margarete von Aschenbeck and thought Markheim would use the disgrace of his imprisonment as a way to force Margarete von Aschenbeck to marry him to save the Aschenbeck Empire.

Next the party visited Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck’s lawyer, Leopold Eggers. Eggers was worried that as Wolfgang had been accused of heresy, the ruthless Adele Ketzenblum was to act as both prosectution and Judge. Leopold had researched Ketzenblum and found that she had made a guilty verdict in all of her trials in the past year. Leopold feared that Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck may be beyond help.

The group then went to the Aschenbeck manor and discovered Werner Markheim having a loud argument with Lady Margarete in the front garden. She was shocked and affronted he would dare show his face at her home; he is apologetic about her father and slyly insinuates that the damage to her reputation must be considerable. Rodrik, Graf Wolfgang’s steward, intervened and “invited” Markheim to leave.

The group spoke with Margarete von Aschenbeck after the argument. She was tearful and begged the heroes to help. She suggested Werner Markheim may be at the Aschenbeck warehouse.


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