Skellan's Enemy Within

Middenheim, the story so far...

Robertus von Oppenheim asked for help to perform the ritual to destroy the bell clapper.
Priest Frost was convinced to allow the ritual to take place and a date was arranged to perform the ritual.
Oppenheim also said that the party needed to acquire some Wyvern poison as an ingredient for the ritual.
Additionally, the each member performing the ritual needs to gain a blessing from their chosen deity to purify them before the ritual takes place.


The party arranged to meet with Adele Ketzenblum by leaving a message at The Prospect Inn, where she was staying. Adele, rearranged the meeting to the Halfway House tavern. During the meeting Adele asked many questions and was interested in the party’s activities in Middenheim.

During the meeting, Adele discussed her suspicions about the identity of the Black Cowl.
She thinks it could be Captain Marcus Baerfaust as he planned the military aspect of the Southlands Expedition that brought the dark Artifact back to the Empire. Baerfaust had lots of ‘his men’ on the misson.

Also she suspects Luminary Konrad Mauer as he gave advice about sites that the expedition should investigate. Adele also said the Luminary Konrad Mauer’s whole family was condemned to the pyre as witches.

Another suspect is Graf Friedrich von Kaufman who she described as ‘a weasel’ who financed the Southlands expedition.

She remained silent about Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum she also appeared uninterested in Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck

The party visited retired witch hunter Gregor Helstrum who was Adele’s mentor. He was suprised to hear she was in Middenheim. Helstrom said that both he and Adele Ketzenblum were captured and tortured by a cult called the Red Crown 6 years ago. They were rescued by a group including Captain Marcus Baerfaust

Helstrum had no strong thoughts about Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck

On the morning of the 17th, the party received a letter from Brenner, a man who was also investigating Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck. brenner asked to meet that evening at the Draken Inn.
On visiting the Draken, the group discovered Brenner’s room had been turned over and Chaos symbols had been scrawled on the walls. The Watch arrived promptly and discovered a journal implicating Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck in many crimes related to the worship of the hidden enemy.

Suspicious, the party tracked down a forger called Ilse who was paid to create the false journal framing Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck

On the morning of the 18th, the party awoke to discover that someone had poisoned their breakfast. Lambeth was sick on the floor.

Main tasks in Middenheim


The party has three core tasks in Middenheim:

Liaise with Robertus von Oppenheim to complete a ritual on the chaos bell clapper to purify the dark artifact. Both Luminary Konrad Mauer and Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum asked for this task to be completed.

Investigate Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck, a powerful Middenheim merchant. Graf Friedrich von Kaufman suspects that he had something to do with his missing gunpowder and may also be involved in other nefarious activities. Kaufman has no proof of this though.

Captain Marcus Baerfaust is concerned about the activities of a shadowy figure known as the Black Cowl. The Black Cowl swiftly took control of Averheim’s underworld and was linked to recent Skaven activity and theft of a ‘Dark Artifact’ that returned from an Expedition to the Southlands. The Witch Hunter Adele Ketzenblum was investigating the Black Cowl during her stay in Averheim but left the city suddenly heading to Middenheim. Baefaust asked that the party speak to Ketzenblum in Middenheim to discover what she knows about the Black Cowl.

Arrival in Middenheim
City on the Rock

We arrived in Middenheim a few days travel after the encounter with the Giant.
Wounds are slowly being healed and we enter the city without much incident.
After finding our way to an Inn “The Scholar’s Rest” and bedding down for the evening the streets are proving not to be safe.
Barlin is accosted by Skaven, perhaps hot on our trail and eager to retrieve the bell clapper.
They are put down in short order, but not without a few wounds caused by throwing star and blade.
Once more the locals see nothing as the rats disintegrate upon death.

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The Beginning

A group of four young adventurers set off from Nuln towards the town of Stromdorf


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