Robertus von Oppenheim

Professor at the Collegium Theologica


Robertus von Oppenheim is a slender man of medium height with dark, wavy hair and blue eyes. His narrow face wears a slightly distracted expression, as though his thoughts are elsewhere. As a professor at the Collegium Theologica, he wears (somewhat dusty) grey scholar’s robes and a fur mantle. A pair of half-moon spectacles perches on his nose and he often misplaces them, or forgets he is wearing them, to somewhat comic effect.


His family sent him to the Collegium as a student, with the intention that he should enter the priesthood of Ulric. However, as his studies progressed, the young von Oppenheim discovered other interests. His teachers were initially worried by his interest in the powers of Chaos, but his doctoral thesis on the application of divine magic to detect and counteract Chaotic corruption was well received and some of his methods have become standard weapons
in the Witch Hunter’s arsenal. He turned down offers from both Altdorf and Nuln to stay on at the Collegium as a professor and to continue his research.

Perhaps as a result of his studies into the Great Enemy, Professor von Oppenheim is just a touch eccentric… or mad. He has a reverence for old books, scrolls, and the written word that, after prolonged exposure, is unsettling.

Corresponded with Luminary Konrad Mauer to devise the plot to destroy the bell clapper.

Was given the book ‘Hammer of the Gods’ by Gregor Helstrum who aquired it from Captain Marcus Baerfaust

Robertus von Oppenheim

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