Priest Frost

Priest of Ulrich


Priest Frost is a young but rising member of the Temple hierarchy. A star student at the Collegium Theologica, he is fiercely intelligent but physically clumsy, and had the misfortune to lose a foot in a “training accident” which has permanently excused him from military duties. (He lost his foot during his initiation, when he hunted and killed a wolf with only a knife.) His wooden prosthetic foot works well and is invisible beneath his blue-and-grey robes (with wolf-skin mantle, of course), but he still walks with a slight limp and a noticeable clopping sound.


Priest Frost has broad responsibility for the pilgrims who come to Middenheim, monitoring when various holy sites are available for pilgrims to visit, ensuring the upkeep of the holy sites, smoothing over any tensions that may arise between pilgrims and local Middenheimers, and collecting a tithe from the pilgrims.

Frost arrange for the party to perfom the ritual in the Temple of Ulrich

Priest Frost

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