Middenheim Deserters


A group of deserters who fled the battle between the army of Middeneheim and the host of The Four Horned Beast.

The group is suffering from some sort of disease and frequent coughs ripple though their camp.

The group is made up of:

Leon – a large barrel chested man with a thick beard. Leon is in his forties and is the self styled leader of the gang

Finn – Fin is a wiry man with a think beard from his time in the wilds. Sporting woodland clothing and longbow, Finn is the ranger of the group.

Lothar – Lothar is a young man in his late teens. Traumatised from his time serving in the Middenheim army, Lothar is a shadow of his former self, spending most of his time huddled on the floor with a thousand mile stare.

Horst – Horst is a in his early twenties, though he looks much older. His pallid skin is blemished and dry. A rotten smell surrounds him, making him smell ever worse than his fellow deserters.

Ralf – Ralf is a red faced man with shoulder length dark hair. He sports a main gauche alongside a rapier.

Tobias – Tobias wears a dark leather helm that covers most of his face. He says very little, but is always alert, his eyes carefully following visitors to the camp. A large mace hangs by his side


Middenheim Deserters

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