A young, defiantly courageous halfling, innocent of all allegations.


Stats: Off the charts.
Skills: Too numerous to numerate.
Inventory: It’s all mine, I have the receipts._ I didn’t do it, you can’t prove a thing, look over there a three-headed goblin!_


The great hero halfling Lambeth, of uncertain birth and hence having no surname, slew his first Rat Ogre when he was a tender six years of age, saving his entire village from an otherwise certain and savage doom. From these humble beginnings, his ascent to the aforementioned great hero-dom was unprecedentedly meteoric. No minion of the Chaos Powers could stand before him, not even before second breakfast, which is a necessary meal in any itinerary make no mistake. Why my poor uncle Huggerbaum once neglected this fine culinary tradition, being harried by his overbearing wife into getting the washing in, and was never seen again. This reminds me of another thing…


Skellan's Enemy Within Ceri