Imelda Holtz


Otto and marie Holtz only daughter. She has close set eyes, a squat pig like nose and a soft, doughy face. No one is likely to call her lovely.

During the beastman attack on Stromdorf, Imelda was carried away as a prize and was presumed dead.


Imelda was discovered alive and living with her brother Foaldeath in The Forest Of Shadows. After Foaldeath was slain by Mortelis Bloodbough Imelda gave the party information about The Four Horned Beast in exchange for them letting her go.

The party gave her some provisions and she disappeared into The Forest Of Shadows. 28th Jahrdrung

Barlin had no idea that she was allowed to escape, due to being occupied with important matters of searching a camp for wealth.

Imelda Holtz

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