Gregor Helstrum

Witch Hunter (retired)


Somewhat past sixty years old, Helstrum is broad of shoulder and prodigious of gut. He was once a tall, strong, and even handsome man, but age and a sedentary lifestyle over the past years have taken their toll. He is now rather fat, with a long snow-white beard that gives him a grandfatherly look.


Amongst the notable events of his past, Helstrum was responsible for condemning the family of Konrad Mauer to the pyre as witches. He also served as mentor to Adele Ketzenblum during the first part of her career, and was captured and tortured by the Red Crown at the same time as her. After that ordeal, Helstrum gracefully retired, and now lives on a small stipend from the Order of the Silver Hammer and a modest personal fortune from familial connections.

Gregor Helstrum

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