Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck

Important Middenheim Merchant


Graf Wolfgang is a little under average height, but solidly built. His dark hair is salted with a touch of grey and his stylishly shaped beard has a dramatic white stripe originating from his chin. He is fighting a losing battle against his receding hairline. He normally wears sturdy clothes in Middenheim fashions, including tall leather boots and a crushed velvet doublet of crimson, embroidered with the brook and tree of his house crest. His cloak is trimmed with white fur.


Much like Graf Friedrich, Graf Wolfgang is a minor aristocrat whose wealth exceeds his rank. His business acumen has allowed him to turn his small family fortune into a large family fortune.

With his wide-reaching business interests, considerable largesse, and capitalist’s instinct, Graf Wolfgang may remind you very strongly of Graf Friedrich von Kaufman

Father of Margarete von Aschenbeck

Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck

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