Beastman Shaman


Crackling out of undergrowth, a figure looms in the twilight. He is hunched, and leaning on a wooden staff capped with an animal skull and festooned with feathers, teeth, and semi-precious stones. The figure’s torn robes are similarly decorated, with a leather mantle worked with animal bones. His arms are muscular, his fingers ending in grubby, claw-like nails. When the figure speaks, it’s in a voice that rasps and crackles, as if unused to speaking at all.


Foaldeath was born of human womb. He is the son of the late Holtz family, who lived on a farm near Stromdorf.

For years his mother, Marie Holtz, had tended to Foaldeath, keeping him from the eyes of the humans of Stromdorf but eventually the secret got out. Most of the Holtz family were put to death for harboring the beastman apart from the Holtz children, including Imelda Holtz.

Foaldeath was later to attack Stromdorf under the banner of the Four Horned Beast. He was thought to have been slain at the walls of the town by an arrow shot from Daith Sharpeye

The party tracked down Foaldeath and his herd in The Forest Of Shadows. Foaldeath was slain by Mortelis Bloodbough in the brutal battle that followed.


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