Emperor Karl-Franz


While ‘His most Imperial Highness, Emperor Karl-Franz I von Holswig-Schliestein, Grand Prince of Altdorf, Count of the Reikland, Protector of The Empire’ is the official name of the current ruler of the Empire, he is most of the time simply known as Karl Franz or The Emperor. Karl is the latest in a series of Reikland Emperors who have ruled for nearly a century. The Reikland Emperors are known for their reformist and modernizing tendencies; his grandfather, Emperor Mattheus II tried to establish a national constitution for the Empire, and succeeded in establishing parliamentary government for the province of Reikland. Karl Franz is often said to be the greatest statesman of the Old World, having brought the Empire through several invasions and crises during his reign. He is a formidable warrior, often leading the Imperial armies into battle riding on his griffon, Deathclaw. As Emperor, he wields Ghal Maraz, the fabled Dwarf-crafted Hammer of Sigmar, and he also carries the Silver Seal, an enchanted medallion which protects its bearer against spells.


The Emperor currently lies sick in his bed in the The Imperial Palace after falling at the battle of Griffon’s fall.

He is tended only by a select few: Luminary Konrad Mauer, Captain Marcus Baerfaust, Philip Ulrich and Ludwig Schwarzhelm

Emperor Karl-Franz

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