Captain Marcus Baerfaust

Captain of the Averheim Greatswords


Captain Baerfaust is a grizzled veteran of the Averheim garrison, barracked in the city. He is a lugubrious man with a haunted look who seems to be forever grumbling and muttering. He is powerful and stocky. His grey hair is cropped short and his long moustache is kept brushed down, accentuating his already morose expression. It would surprise many to learn that he is 38 – he looks at least a decade older, despite being physically in excellent condition. His black and yellow uniform is impressive and flashy, adorned with many honours and badges, though when he isn’t wearing it he prefers simple clothes and neutral colours.


Marcus joined the army of Averland alongside his brother, Karl, about twenty years ago. Their early career was marred by the events of the Halfling Rebellion and the infamously brutal suppression of Mootlanders by the Averland army at the command of Elector Count Marius Leitdorf. Baerfaust was praised by his superiors for his discipline and his willingness to follow orders, but the Halfling Rebellion and its aftermath have since become synonymous with the excessive use of force against a civilian uprising. The Halfling Rebellion marked a low point for Leitdorf ’s tenure as Elector Count. The situation gradually improved under the influence of the Emperor Karl Franz and his champion, Ludwig Schwarzhelm, but several other military misadventures followed and the Baerfaust brothers were present at all of them.

Baerfaust has been made Captain of the Averheim Greatswords and de facto commander of the Averheim garrison forces, in the absence of an Elector Count. The controversial officer has found himself thrust front–and–centre into the midst of Averheim politics, as he attempts to keep order amongst his soldiers and in the city he now, for better or for worse, controls in practice if not in name

Captain Marcus Baerfaust

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