Black Cowl



The Black Cowl is a man of considerable intelligence and skill. He wears a mask and a black hood to hide his true identity, but in so doing he has created an alternate persona – “the man in the black hood,” or “the Black Cowl.” The Black Cowl carries a sword and wears fine clothes in black silk – is he a noble? Or a high–ranking soldier? He always seems to know just what to do and just what to say – is he a wizard? In truth, he may be any of these things.


The Black Cowl has been linked with a rapid and violent take-over of the Averheim Underworld. The Black Cowl is also thought to be responsible for manipulating The Southlands Expedition to bring a Dark Effigy made of Warpstone back to the Empire. Only an agent of the Unseen Enemy could desire such a powerful object of Chaos.
The Cowl has also been linked with the Red Crown Cult and the theft of a large amount of gunpowder from Averheim and further a field.

The signs point towards a dark plot taking shape….

Black Cowl

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