Adele Ketzenblum

Witch Hunter


Adele Ketzenblum is a Witch Hunter with over a decade of experience in hunting and killing the enemies of the Empire.

She is a stern and striking woman in her early thirties, physically fit, and hardened by experience. She wears brown leather breeches and a large black coat. She wears the tall, heavy leather hat that is common to most Witch Hunters, and around her neck she wears a chunky silver hammer pendant, a symbol of the Order of the Silver Hammer, to which she belongs. Adele’s left forearm has been amputated as the result of an injury sustained in the line of duty. She wears a prosthetic steel hook in place of her missing hand.


Early in her career, Ketzenblum worked closely with a senior Witch Hunter named Gregor Helstrum. About six years ago, Ketzenblum and Helstrum – with a few other associates – were captured by Chaos cultists and subjected to extensive tortures. They were eventually rescued thanks to the efforts of a friendly road warden, who roused a local garrison and led a regiment of Averland halberdiers, including Captain Marcus Baerfaust, to destroy the cult. Ketzenblum lost her hand due to the ordeal, and Helstrum suffered injuries near as grave.

After that fateful day, Helstrum went into retirement, returning to his home in Middenheim, where he advises other Witch Hunters and performs light duties when called upon by the Order. Ketzenblum remained an active Witch Hunter, operating mostly out of Middenheim.

Adele was discovered to be a member of the Jade Sceptre Cult and was slain by Daith Sharpeye and Mortelis Bloodbough at her secret hide out at The Brown Owl inn. See Slaves to Darkness

Adele Ketzenblum

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