Skellan's Enemy Within


30th Jahrdrung - 4th Pflugzeit

Daith Sharpeye’s muscles bulged as he pulled the bow of Athel Loren taut. He looked down the shaft to the melee below. Mortelis Bloodbough and Robert Schalmer were in trouble. The remaining beastmen were closing around them and they were outnumbered, he must cut down the numbers if they were to survive. His arm blurred as he fired a flurry of shots into the beasts below. The Ungor fell and the Gor took and arrow to the gut as he rained destruction upon them.

The Wargor stepped back, moving towards the Wargor that Mortelis had cut down earlier. It reached down and grabbed the Great Axe from the Wargor’s dead fingers and held it aloft letting out a blood curdling roar that chilled the souls of the heroes. But Mortelis’ mind was filled with vengeance and there was no room for fear. He tensed and his body and leveled his spear at the beast, his tattooed arm gleamed with sweat as he called back, ‘Amin khiluva lle a’ gurtha ar’ thar!’

The Gor charged towards Robert Schalmer but he was prepared. He stepped to the side and ducked down beneath the Gor’s swinging blade. With the Gor off balance, he made a viscous counter-blow striking the Beastman between the ribs.

Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson and Lambeth concentrated fire upon The Four Horned Beast, both striking with solid shots but the beast stood strong.
Mortelis focused on the Gor, his body writhed in a dance of whirling death as he spun towards the beastman. The death blow was too quick too see but when the elf came to a stop the Gor just fell to the ground, blood spurting from its chest.

The Four Horned Beast charged into Mortelis Bloodbough, swinging his huge axe towards his head looking for the killer blow but Mortelis arched his body backwards and the jagged blade only sliced the air before him.

Meanwhile, Robert Schalmer looked up to the sky and for a second the world faded out around him. For this second he was there alone, in serenity, talking to Myrimida. And in his hour of need Myrmidia answered for the first time, her power filling his armour, blessing it for the battle.

Daith Sharpeye calmed his breath and took his time with his next arrow, looking for chinks in The Four Horned Beast’s armour. After exhaling all the breath from his body and during that moment of stillness he released the shot . The beast saw the arrow fly and instinctively put up a hand. The arrow severed through his fingers and drove onward into his side, cracking a rib as it lodged in its body.

The Wargor swung for Mortelis but again the blow missed its mark.

Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson’s modified Hochland rifle rang out sending a plume of acrid blue smoke into the air. His shot struck the beasts skull, glancing across its forehead opening a large gash that poured blood into his eyes, turning the world red.

Lambeth let loose a crossbow bolt that also hit the four horned beasts head, shattering one of its horns and the beast’s red eyes glazed a little as concussion set in.

Mortelis Bloodbough spat words at the four horned beast “You will fall this day beast.. The blood of my kin will burn your soul and you shall rot in agony” and he launched towards it with a tempestuous fury. The elf ducked low beneath the Beast’s reach and struck from low, the point of his spear driving upward into Four Horned Beast’s hip tearing muscle and snapping bone, the sheer force of the thrust breaking the spear in two as it found its resting place. The Beast twisted as it leg buckled, splitting his femoral artery and showering Mortelis in blood. As the creature fell it’s mind knew only one thing: death. With an undying ferocity it swung out at Mortlelis, catching him across the chest with terrible force. The blow opened up a garish wound and sent him reeling backwards before crashing to the ground.

Seeing his friend fall, Robert Schalmer struck the Wargor with a solid cleave as Daith finished it off with a well placed shot.

Mortelis’ head rolled to the side to view the ruin of his nemesis. His face faded to a look of calm as blackness engulfed him…

When he came to, his head was being cradled by Daith who was raising a healing poultice to his lips. Mortelis muttered a prayer to loec, Isha and the various elven gods. Each name of his kinband who fell in the battle and finally ending with the names of his fallen brothers and father. And with the final phrase. “Caemalleth I shall return to your side soon my love”

The others searched the cave and found many items of value that the beastman had acquired during the war. While the others ransacked the cave, Mortelis drew his dagger and proceeded to do two things. The first was to cut off the head of the four horned beast and the second was to throw it to one side. The necklace of elf fingers was removed and stowed. The bones to be returned to Athel Loren.

Back in the cave, Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson and Lambeth race each other to claim items of value/chaos.

Just as they are returning from the cave, the heroes hear a wheezy cough from the undergrowth. The Middenheim Deserters appear from out of the trees. Their leader Leon, a large barrel chested man with a thick beard and the self styled leader of the gang, waved a grubby hand at the party. ‘You are the ones looking worse for wear now, elf,’ he said, ‘Just hand over the beast’s head and there will be no trouble.’

Mortelis said, ‘And what will you do with the head?’

Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson‘s eyes rolled and he thought, ’These are the diseased people who the others encouraged me to let live. Now, they want my 1000 gold head. And there will be not shutting Mortelis up once he starts’

Leon smiled at Mortelis, ’That’s not your-’ his words cut short as an explosion drowned out his words. Barlin’s shot struck Leon in the shoulder, sending the others scattering for cover. Lambeth retreated to the safety of the cave while Daith fired an arrow into the deserters. The wounded Mortelis swooped in, striking a deserter before moving back to safety, Robert stood calm as gunshots and arrows whistled past him.

In the confusion Tobias grabbed the head and tried to make off with it but Daith, who was now out of arrows, moved to intercept. Finn shot an arrow at Daith, which stuck in his side. Wincing, Daith tugged the arrow out of his side and notched it to his bow, sending it back to Finn, striking him in the throat killing him instantly.

Robert moved to fight Horst. The man’s rotton smell had got worse. horst coughed and began to gag. His eyes bulged and watered as he vomited a stinking green bile at Robert. Robert dodged back avoiding the puke and counter attacked fatally wounding Horst.

The fight was over swiftly and Tobias was cut down as he tried to flee with the head. The rest of the gang were eventually hunted down and slain.

Nursing wounds from their time in The Forest Of Shadows and with their mission complete the party made their way back to the safety of civilisation.



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