Skellan's Enemy Within

A Brief Sojourn

4th - 5th Pflugzeit

Once back in Middeneheim, the brave heroes took care of a few loose ends.

They took the severed head of The Four Horned Beast to the watch station and Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson threw down the Beast’s head on the counter and said, ‘I killed it, with assistance from this lot’.

At these words Mortelis Bloodbough’s eyes turn to fire and said, “Enough! You shall not trivialize the efforts taken here. This was the nemesis of my blood, killer of my brothers and my father and slaughterer of my kinband. We have been hunting it for many seasons. Take your bounty and be thankful you are being granted that much!”

The jubilant atmosphere in the room was immediately cut to silence. The watchmen’s hand fell to the hilts of their swords and there followed an awkward pause while everyone wondered what would happen next. Thankfully the tension was broken by the clerk who returned with a chest containing the bounty for the beast’s head. The incident was not mentioned again that day…

The death of The Four Horned Beast caused quite a stir in Middenheim that day. Everyone wanted to speak with the heroes and buy them drinks. Tankard__PSF_.pngRobert Schalmer got quite drunk. It did not take long for a crowd of jubilant onlookers to appear wanting to catch a glimpse of the head of the beast and the heroes that brought the creature to ruin.

They visited Gregor Helstrum to arrange the collection of Adele Ketzenblum’s body for transport to Altdorf. Unfortunately, Gregor Helstrum said that her body had been stolen from the temple two nights ago. An investigation is currently ongoing to find the thieves and the body.

Lambeth was suspiciously quiet throughout his stay in Middenheim. A complaint by the Landlord of the The Scholar’s about a terrible smell coming from his room was soon forgotten as a steady throng of people came to the bar looking for the heroes who killed the beast.

The next day Robert Schalmer, nursing a hangover, went to the Temple of Myrmidia. His vision of Myrmidia during the epic battle with the beast confirmed his status among the faithful. During the small service that followed Robert Schalmer was anointed as a full Disciple of Myrmidia and was given a sacred breastplate bearing Mymidia’s form.

After some shopping and preparations where Daith Sharpeye purchased some specialist arrows, the party was ready to travel to Altdorf where they plan to deliver the Bell Clapper to Luminary Konrad Mauer for further examination.



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