Skellan's Enemy Within

Foaldeath's Demise

27th - 28th Jahrdrung


Foaldeath began to utter a terrible incantation. Crackling purple flames dances around his clawed hand before arcing toward Mortelis Bloodbough, who dodged to the side avoiding the full force of the dark spell.

Daith Sharpeye fired a rapid volley of shots into the approaching beastmen while Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson’s gunpowder thundered nearby. And Ungor fell under the assault. Lambeth fired his slingshot at a wounded Ungor strking it on the temple and sending it crashing to the floor. A Gor peeled off from the herd and charged Daith Sharpeye who avoided its blows by using a large tree for cover.

Robert Schalmer put aside a pair of sticks and rushed to Daith Sharpeye‘s defense, driving his spear into the Gor’s chest.

foaldeath.jpg Mortelis Bloodbough somersaulted into the fray, striking Foaldeath with a mortal blow. Foaldeath fell slowly, his lifeblood draining on the forest floor as Mortelis Bloodbough agilely moved back and watched Foaldeath die. However, Mortelis was in reach of the Wargor who made pursuit and caught the elf with a savage strike. The last thing Mortelis Bloodbough heard was a sharp ringing sound as the world faded to black.

Robert Schalmer moved quickly, to stand above his fallen friend, protecting Mortelis Bloodbough from the Wargor. Robert Schalmer stood valiantly against the huge beast, and the rest of the heroes circled the Wargor who eventually fell after attacks from Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson, Lambeth, Daith Sharpeye and Robert Schalmer

After the fight, Daith Sharpeye brought Mortelis back to consciousness with a healing salve while Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson made off to search the Beastman camp.

With Mortelis on his feet, Daith’s sharp eyes caught sight of a well hidden girl, lying on her belly beneath the over of a fallen tree. Daith tried to pretend that he had not noticed the girl and slowly moved towards her hide. Imelda Holtz sensed she had been spotted and leaped to her feet and darted off into the forest. Daith was already onto her and fired an arrow that pinned her to a tree by her already tattered dress.

Imelda_Holtz.pngThe group questioned her (except Barlin, who was searching the camp) and she began crying. Her brother Foaldeath now lay slain and the rest of the Holtz family were now all dead, leaving Imelda Holtz alone. Daith Sharpeye offered to take Imelda Holtz to a nearby town for safety but she refused, saying that ‘humans would kill her as they had done her family’. Imelda Holtz seemed more wiley since the group last saw her in Stromdorf, a trait that has probably kept her alive in the company of beasts.

Imelda Holtz told the party that Foaldeath had recently split from The Four Horned Beast‘s herd after an argument. Imelda offered to give the heroes directions to a cave where she believed that the beast was staying if she was allowed to go free. The party agreed to the terms and she said that the beast’s lair can be found a day to the East, before turning north for another day by a clearing with a fallen log. The clearing would make a good place to camp.

Daith Sharpeye gave the girl some food and she disappeared back into the forest…

The next morning the group set off following imelda’s directions and they reached the clearing with the fallen log before nightfall.

Suspecting something bad might happen, Lambeth made a fake camp in the clearing, using branches and twigs to make it appear that the group was staying in the clearing. Meanwhile, Daith Sharpeye found a nice place to make camp, away from the clearing.

Watches were set for the night and everyone tried to sleep. During the night Mortelis was disturbed by a shrieking sound coming from the clearing. Mortelis crept forward to an outcrop of rock overlooking the fake camp. Below he saw a hideous creature, human-like but with feral claws and fangs, ripping apart the fake camp. The creature looked about and pressed it nose to the cool earth, breathing deep, catching the scent of travelers in the forest. Slowly the creature moved south, towards the sleeping heroes. The dark silhouette of Mortelis dropped down from the outcrop of rock and began hunting the hunter….



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