Skellan's Enemy Within


28th - 30th Jahrdrung


An owl call broke the still of the night.

Daith’s eyes flicked open. He knew the call – it was a warning. He woke the camp and they all began donning armour and prepared themselves for battle. Lambeth’s decoy camp had bought valuable time.

Crawling_Beast.jpgAs the creature drew within sight of the camp, Mortelis Bloodbough sprung forward, driving his spear down across its back. Daith Sharpeye saw the danger and struck the creature with a stinging arrowshot before it flew towards with tooth and claw. The strange creature struck Daith with a deadly flurry of attacks, that tore into flesh and sinew. When it was over, Daith was left unconscious and bleeding on the ground.

Steadfast Robert Schalmer once again stepped up to protect a fallen friend and stood over Daith Sharpeye protecting him from the creature. Robert’s armour protected him against the attacks while the heroes focused their attacks on the beast. Before the creature succumb to its wounds, it uttered a dark incantation in a foreign tongue and its body transformed into an eerie green mist, allowing it to escape into the forest.

Robert Schalmer told a tale of ancient magic users who’s will kept them from Morr’s realm and they were left to walk the earth as Vampires. Many vampires live side by side with humans but others devolved into a more bestial form and inhabited wild places where men dare not dwell.

Robert Schalmer‘s educational and highly interesting story was drowned out by a ’LALALALALA’ sound from someone trying not to think about the dark places of the world…

The next day the party moved North following Imelda Holtz’s directions. Mortelis Bloodbough found a good place to camp that was easily defensible. Robert Schalmer erected a rough palisade around the perimeter of the camp. The security of the camp gave Daith Sharpeye a secure place to rest and heal his wounds.

Meanwhile Lambeth and Mortelis Bloodbough
scouted ahead in search of their nemesis. Imelda Holtz’s directions proved true, and the pair reached a cliff face with two cave entrances guarded by beastmen. Mortlelis and Lambeth watched the caves until the sun began to set. They estimated about ten Beastmen were holed up in the caves and noted that regular Beastman patrols left the caves to keep watch over the surrounding area. They did not have sight of The Four Horned Beast.

Back at camp the heroes hatched a cunning plan to assault the caves and slay The Four Horned Beast. They would need the fight to be weighted in their favour if they were going to be victorious.

The next morning they put their plan into action. They found a gully with steep sides and Daith Sharpeye set a series of traps in the gully. The others, apart from Mortelis, took up ambush position on the sides of the embankment and waited…

Meanwhile Mortelis Bloodbough stalked through The Forest Of Shadows tracking a Beastman patrol. When the patrol was near to the ambush site Mortelis Bloodbough revealed himself and looked suprised, as if he had stumbled across the beastmen accidentally. The Beastmen took the bait and chased the elf. Mortelis used his woodland knowledge to pick his way through tangles of vines keeping the beastmen at a distance until they entered the ambush site baying for elf-blood. The baying for blood soon turned to howls of pain as they set off Daith Sharpeye’s traps.

ambush_map.pngThe front row of Beastmen fell to the floor, caught in the snares as Mortelis Bloodbough bounced back to attack with his spear. wanting to remain quiet Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson fired a crossbow and as Daith Sharpeye downed multiple beasts with a flurry of shots.

Lambeth fired his sling into the enemy patrol and charged down the embankment . Robert Schalmer moved down to support his friend.

It did not take long for the Beastmen to get cut down. The last Gor tried to flee up the embankment but Mortelis caught up with him and run him through, sending his body rolling back down the gully.

The heroes counted five dead beastmen. Five less to guard The Four Horned Beast. Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson collected the horns from the dead for bounty and the group set off to the caves.

caves1.png The heroes managed to stealth up to the cave entrance without being seen. Mortelis Bloodbough and Robert Schalmer took positions South of the camp while Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson, Daith Sharpeye and Lambeth crept up above the cave entrance readying their ranged weapons. Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson considered whether the cave could be collapsed, but it would be impossible without the proper equipment. Instead Lambeth created a make-shift trap from rocks to fall upon the cave entrance.

With surprise on their side, the heroes quickly dispatched the three Beastman guards. Mortelis Bloodbough and Robert Schalmer
moved to the Northern entrance to attack whatever comes out while the others remained readied above the main cave entrance.

There followed a surreal lull as they waited for the shouts from within the caves to emerge. The ground trembled as the herd burst into the daylight to attack. The Four Horned Beast stood head and shoulders above the Wargor who accompanied him. Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson heart pounded in his chest as he fired a shot at the huge beast. Lambeth’s rock trap missed its mark and fell just to the side of the emerging Beastmen. Daith Sharpeye fired a flurry of arrows down onto the herd, slaying Ungor, dwindling their numbers.


Meanwhile a Wargor struck Robert Schalmer‘s shield with such force that it sundered its Greatsword in two. Mortelis Bloodbough’s felt adrenaline course through his veins at the sight of the Beast who killed his brother’s warband. Clenching his teeth, Mortelis Bloodbough launched himself high into the air and plunged his spear into the chest of a Wargor, who collapsed to the ground from the blow.

Robert Schalmer concentrated on dwindling the number of Beastmen, knowing the situation is dire with just himself and Mortelis facing the herd on the ground. In the sky behind the advancing Wargor, a small red pin prick of light caught his eye. A star burning bright in the daylight, burning red and fierce, blessing him for the coming battle…

Mortelis Bloodbough righted himself after killing the Wargor to see The Four Horned Beast thundering towards him holding a massive greataxe above its head. Mortelis stretched every muscle in his body to arc away from the Four Horned Beast’s savage strike, catching sight of a row of elven finger bones on a necklace around the beasts neck. One for each member of the doomed warband…


The last map is where we left the battle…


Its all good.
Feeling a bit better now as I seem to recall there being more opponents left on the battlefield.
Am relieved it is only 3 and the 4HB.


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