Skellan's Enemy Within

Into the Forest of Shadows

25th - 27th Jahrdrung


Finishing their preparations the group headed out by coach to the The Forest Of Shadows. After several days journey they reached the town of Dorfmark where they make arrangements for stabling for the horses. Mortelis Bloodbough spoke to a local hunter who said that the hunters seldom venture far into the forest. He said there are many beastmen and other foul creatures in depths of the forest, particularly since the war broke out.

Guided by the tracking expertise of Daith Sharpeye the group made their way North East into the forest in the hope of picking up tracks of the retreating beastmen.

The first day of the journey was fairly uneventful. Daith Sharpeye encountered a wild bear during the night but made sure that the bear was not provoked and it moved off into the forest.

On the second day, the party met some Middenheim Deserters who had fled the battle with the four horned beast. The group was suffering the obvious signs of disease – probably Weevil Cough and the adventurers mostly kept their distance. Daith Sharpeye offered first aid to the injured men.

Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson looked troubled by the Middenheim Deserters, he did not like the idea of them being allowed to spread the disease further – plus they were deserters. A tense moment followed where Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson levelled his rifle at the men. Eventually an agreement was made that the heroes would leave the deserters if they took them to the location of some nearby beastman tracks.

Guided by Finn, the group found the tracks of around seven beastmen and the bare footprints of a human child headed east. Daith Sharpeye spent the rest of the day tracking the hoof prints while covering the party’s tracks from the deserters.

The group spend an eerily quiet night in the forest. Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson saw a mutated rabbit with cloven hooves before dawn. He killed it with a deft throw of his dagger.

Just after noon, Daith Sharpeye spotted a group of beastman ahead – probably a patrol. He followed them undetected until he reached a camp. The beastman camp had seven beastmen including an old adversary – Foaldeath.

Unluckily for Daith, Foaldeath looked up as he circled the camp and he was spotted. With a terrible cry, Foaldeath called his herd to attack. Daith Sharpeye fired a spray of arrows across the beatsman, causing them to dodge for cover.

Foaldeath bellowed forth a terrible incantation and a cracking chaos arced over to strike Daith’s arm, burning his clothes and blistering his flesh.

Daith Sharpeye moved back toward his friends who were not far behind.


Lambeth fired a volley of shots from his sling in an attempt to distract the advancing beastmen. Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson aimed his Hochland rifle at Foaldeath and fired, the shot ringing out through the forest. His aim was true and the bullet struck Foaldeath, shattering his hand and sending a spray of blood across his chest.

Mortelis Bloodbough lept forward into the beastmen, striking an Ungor in the shoulder and felling him. Mortellis deftly moved back, circling the enemy, posed for his next strike…



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