Skellan's Enemy Within

Four Horns and a Forge

20th - 25th Jahrdrung


With the ritual over, the heroes made their way back to The Scholar’s to rest.

In the morning, Mortelis Bloodbough rises early to visit a local weaponsmith. On the way, he notices priests of Morr and Shallya performing rites over the corpses of refugees and tending to the sick. Focused on his task Mortelis Bloodbough presses on to the weaponsmith. He strikes a deal with the smith to forge a deadly weapon of Elven design. A double bladed spear capable of being split in two to form dual weapons. Lambeth writes a guarantee from Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum for payment.

Once the rest of the party wakes up, the split up tie up some loose ends in the City. Lambeth, Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson and Robert Schalmer head to The Halfway House to meet Otto and Lambeth has a friendly chat with him. Nobody saw any money change hands.

Meanwhile, Daith Sharpeye, who was wounded and suffering from internal bleeding goes with Mortelis Bloodbough to the temple of Shallya in search of healing. Unfortunately, they find that the Shalyan priests are overstretched dealing with an outbreak of Weevil Cough. The priests suspect that the disease was brought into the city by refugees and they give a message of calm to the Elves.

The trial of Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck follows it course. The damning evidence presented by Mortelis Bloodbough and Robert Schalmer the previous day ( Slaves to Darkness ) led to Gregor Helstrum, who had taken over the trial following the death of Adele Ketzenblum, giving Von Aschenbeck a full pardon.

Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck and his daughter Margarete von Aschenbeck were overjoyed and offered a payment to the heroes as well as investigating the acquisition of holdings belonging to slain cultists of the Jade Sceptre Cult on behalf of Lambeth. Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck also agreed to investigate the disappearance of black powder and whether the crime was linked to Werner Markheim

Feeling the business of human courts are beneath him, Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson decided to spend more time at the forge, tuning his weapon and making final adjustments. It was nearly ready…


Meeting back up, the adventurers investigate a Wanted poster. The city watch explain that the beast on the poster is The Four Horned Beast, the leader of the Beastman horde, which was recently routed at great cost by the army of Middenheim in The Forest Of Shadows, in Ostland.

Reports from the battle say that the army of the Four Horns turned upon itself, Beastman killing Beastman. The army is now believed to have split into smaller herds.

There is a 1000gp reward on the head of the Beast with Four Horns, partly for revenge and partly to prevent it from mustering such a powerful host in future.

Deciding to track the Beast, the heroes begin to make careful preparations. Tracking the The Four Horned Beast under the twisted canopy of The Forest Of Shadows will likely be their most perilous expedition yet.



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