Skellan's Enemy Within

Death at the Inn


Lily said that a woman wearing full plate and carrying a greatsword told her to steal the clapper or she would release a warrant for Lily’s arrest that had been suppressed. Lily said that she crept into Luminary Konrad Mauer’s room through the servants door, took the clapper and delivered it to some men on a cart, just before she met Lambeth. Lambeth convinced Lily Foote that it would be safer for her to stay with them for the immediate future and she acquiesced to the halfling.

Next, the heroes made their way through the choked Altdorf streets towards the Cat and Fiddle, the base of operations for the Four Seasons Coaching line. Passing the docks on their way, everyone spotted a skinny man watching them. The man wore soiled finery and had a layer of dirt on his face that suggested he was once wealthy, but isn’t anymore. Mortelis Bloodbough followed the man into the Drunken Bastard Inn. After a brief but painful interrogation, the man revealed himself as Harald Peterssen and said he had been hired by a woman with dark hair and a scar on her cheek. Mortelis Bloodbough threatened the man to return to him should he get more information about the mysterious woman.

After picking up Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson and Robert Schalmer from The Mermaid, group set out through the busy streets once more to The Konigplatz to visit the Cat and Fiddle. Once there, Barlin used his coachman’s knowledge to talk to the staff and eloquently discussed matters such as gunpowder, smuggling on coaches and the theft of a cart the previous night from the Four Seasons compound. Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson did not find anything unusual about the smuggling activities at the company.

Meanwhile Mortelis Bloodbough gave shiny coins to Fritz Unruh, teh Four Seasons secretary for information about the shipment of Pilsach Peculiar. Fritz said that some information was missing from the shipping papers. The shipment came from Averheim by the Red Arrow Coaching line but no sender was marked on the manifest. The Four Seasons Coaching company took the shipment and delivered it to location along the Street of a Hundred Taverns. For more shiny coins, Fritz gave the locations of the deliveries and the amount of kegs they received:

Pilsach Peculiar Deliveries

ª Mermaid – 5 kegs.
ª Temple of Drama – 30 kegs.
ª Mattheus II – 10 kegs.
ª Holy Hammer of Sigmar – 25 kegs.
ª One-Eyed Wolf – 5 kegs.
ª Bruno’s Brewhouse – 5 kegs

The party made their way back from The Konigplatz to the Street of a Hundred Taverns. As they passed the The Statue of Wilhelm II they are approached by a mousey girl called Carolina Neuber. Carolina said that she had a message from a large man with curly hair. The message was:

  • The man says he hopes you are getting on well in finding your friend.
  • He wonders if it would surprise them to learn that someone called Art Shaver is in
    town, and do they know that he or she is in cahoots with a man with a black cow?
  • She was seen walking up the Street of a Hundred Taverns heading in the direction of the Temple of Drama.
  • He says to tell you that you are a good bunch of snoops, but to watch your backs.

Lambeth was looking frustrated. Events seem to be happening to them all the time and it was difficult not to be pulled off course. Determined to take control, the heroes made their way to the The Holy Hammer of Sigmar Inn.
After a fruitless discussion with the tavern staff, where they admit to taking the kegs for someone at the Inn but are unwilling to give more information or look into the matter, Lambeth got angry. He forced the situation by taking a swing at a member of the tavern staff and after a brief stand-off with a band of thugs, the party got the information that the person who ordered the kegs was staying in room 23.

As the moved upstairs, the heroes were assaulted by men in full plate and wielding greatswords. During the fight, the woman with black hair and a scar on her cheek joined the fight saying ‘my pawns, it is time for you to die now…’

There followed a bloody, close quarters fight on the stairs. [[:mortelis-bloodbough | Mortelis Bloodbough] too a hard blow but managed to disengage and then leap up onto the balcony behind the men to run his blade through one of the attackers.

Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson took a shot before finding a greatsword bearing down on him. He managed to retreat to a safer position to fire on the men. Robert Schalmer prayed to Mermidia as he stepped up to block the stairway. Lambeth showed a grim determination as he darted around the men, ruffling their hair, distracting them and nipping at them with his dagger.
Barlin “Grimbane” Duraksson fired a nearly inescapable shot that struck blew the hand of one the greatswords on the stairs into a bloody pulp. His second shot punctured the man’s helm funneling grey brain matter from the front of his visor over Robert Schalmer.

Meanwhile. Mortelis Bloodbough disarmed the mysterious woman and she tried in vain to hit him with pistol shots.

Despite taking some heavy blows, the heroes eventually overcame their assailants with the woman being the last to fall to Robert Schalmer’s sword.

The party got a brief chance to rally as the Inn fell quiet. Daith Sharpeye was no where to be seen. He was left outside the door of the Inn to keep watch for the woman with the scar, but he did not respond to the sounds of fighting inside…



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