Skellan's Enemy Within


The first port of call in Altdorf was to visit Luminary Konrad Mauer in the The Palast District at the Laurel’s Rest

Mauer was pleased to see that the party had arrived safely in Altdorf and was very interested in the bell clapper and the purification ritual. Mauer was saddened at the death of Robertus von Oppenheim during the ritual. Although having never met the man he was more sorry for the loss to academia than for the fate of Oppenheim. Not a generally sentimental man, Mauer focused on the productive questions: was the ritual a success? What do you remember about it? Where is the bell clapper? Can I see it?

When the party was reluctant to hand over the bell clapper, Mauer was so eager to study it that he offered them large payment of gold if they would hand it to him immediately. The party agreed to this and left the clapper in the company of Mauer.

During the meeting Mauer explained that Emperor Karl-Franz was still unconscious. “I’m doing my best," Mauer said, “but I think he would benefit from a proper physician. Not that ”/characters/ludwig-schwarzhelm" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ludwig Schwarzhelm would let one near his bedside unless he were Magnus the Pious himself. Still, the Emperor doesn’t appear to be in any serious danger at this point, and I think that with just a little more rest he’ll make a full recovery.”

The next stop for the adventurers was the Old Horse Tower to visit Graf Friedrich von Kaufman. Kaufman sounded a little disappointed that Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck was found innocent of all crimes and that his right-hand man Werner Markheim was behind the recent incidents in Middenheim. Fredrich did not seem concerned about the missing gunpowder, saying “My own men were undersupplied when we left Averheim, but Graf Tobias of Nuln was generous enough to dip into his personal stores for us when we reached the front. We should still do everything in our power to find and destroy these thieves, but no harm appears to have been done.”

Kaufman paid the party for their work and offered to get them an invite to the Prayer Service to the Emperor that is taking place the following evening at The Holy Temple of Sigmar.

The next stop was to speak with Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum. Kaufman said that she was staying at The Seven Stars Inn in the Street of a Hundred Taverns.

Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum was overjoyed to see the party return, especially her champion, Mortelis Bloodbough.



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